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5 Best Iced Teas This Summer

It’s summertime and that means the heat is on. What’s one of the best ways to cool down? A nice, refreshing glass of iced tea! Whether you’re looking for a fruity flavor or something more traditional like Earl Grey Iced tea, we’ve got you covered with our list of the 5 best-iced teas this summer.

What could be more refreshing than drinking iced tea this summer? You can almost picture it now. Deck chair out, not a cloud in the sky, BBQ sizzling away, and you are sitting drinking an iced tea to help you cool down and relax.

Not only is this summer drink popular for its flavors and keeping you coo. Drinking iced teas can also be highly beneficial to your health. From being high in antioxidants to helping reduce stress, iced teas are a win-win summer beverage all-round.

3 glasses of different flavor iced tea with citrus and mint .

Health Benefits of Drinking Iced Teas

Iced teas are generally made from green, white, black, or herbal teas which all contain various nutritional benefits. These benefits aren’t lost during the production of creating iced teas and hence, iced teas too can aid your health.

But, not all iced teas are created equally. It is important to note that some iced teas will have added sugar or flavored syrups added to ‘sweeten’ their taste. These drinks will not contain the same benefits and should be consumed as part of a balanced diet to help balance and maintain blood sugar levels.

For iced teas that do not have added sugars and syrups, take a look at some of the most common health benefits here:

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On a hot summer’s day, dehydration is especially common. With the heat and humidity, you can dehydrate fast leading to headaches, dryness, and even fainting on some occasions.

By drinking iced teas, you are helping to keep hydrated. Ensuring you are hydrated helps to lower your body’s temperature and replace any fluids lost through sweat.

Levels of Antioxidants

Antioxidants are important to protect your body from free radicals that can lead to several harmful illnesses such as cancer, diabetes, and heart disease.

Particular teas, especially black and green tea, contain a number of antioxidants that will support your body to protect itself against these free radicals.

By drinking iced tea that is made from black or green tea, you are increasing your level of antioxidants consumed and supporting your body’s health.

Supporting a Healthy Weight

Many iced teas are low in calories or even calorie-free, though be sure to look out for unsweetened iced teas that don’t add sugar or flavored syrups.

Plus, certain teas such as green tea have been found to support a decrease in appetite. With a lower appetite, you are likely to consume less. Along with being low in calories, drinking iced tea can support you to maintain a healthy weight.

Reducing Stress

Several herbal iced teas contain properties that support a reduction in anxiety and/or stress. For example, peppermint tea has been found to help alleviate and reduce tension headaches. Peppermint contains menthol which acts as a muscle relaxant, hence can help to relax your body, relieving stress and anxiety.

Full of Vitamins and Minerals

Iced teas are full of vitamins and minerals that provide a number of health benefits to your body:

  • Vitamin C: important for growth and repairing your body’s tissues, helps your immune system and healing any wounds.
  • Vitamin K: vital for blood clotting. It produces the protein prothrombin that is needed for blood to clot.
  • Manganese: essential for several chemical processes in your body such as processing amino acids, glucose, and cholesterol.
  • Folic Acid: helps your body to create healthy red blood cells along with being important in the development of an unborn baby’s spinal cord, brain, and skull.

Now we know the numerous health benefits of drinking iced teas, let’s take a look at some of the best-iced tea flavors you can enjoy this summer.

5 Best Iced Teas This Summer

Iced Chai Tea Latte

This classic iced tea can be found in your local coffee house, especially if you are near a Starbucks.

Iced Chai Tea consists of black tea that has been infused with spices, often cinnamon and cloves. It has milk and ice added to finish off a creamy and sweet flavor.

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Watermelon Iced Tea

For a super sweet yet refreshing iced tea, there is no better option than watermelon iced tea. Made from fresh watermelon and cooled black tea. The tea is made first and left to cool, whilst you chop and blitz fresh watermelon. Finally combine the two for a cooling, yet satisfying summer iced tea.

You can also then cook the watermelon juice with sugar to help create a thick puree. However remember that by adding sugar you lower the health benefits of drinking watermelon iced tea. 

Strawberry Iced Tea

Similar to watermelon iced tea, strawberry iced tea uses fresh fruit that is blended into a puree. You can use a range of tea flavors with strawberry iced tea from peppermint to green tea. Ensure you make the tea first and cool it down for 1-2hours before adding your fruit.

Use fresh strawberries and puree them adding lemon juice for a sweet, yet sharp flavor. When your tea has cooled, add your strawberry puree and garnish with fresh strawberry slices.

Earl Grey Iced Tea

Earl Grey iced tea is the perfect summer beverage due to its distinct fresh flavor. Earl Grey tea is scented with oils from bergamot oranges and often has lemon or grapefruit added also.

Due to its fruity flavor, it makes a great iced tea to enjoy in the summer.

To make Earl Grey iced tea, ensure to make your Earl Grey tea and cool this in the fridge. Once it has completely cooled, add fresh orange juice and mint leaves for a crisp and citrus taste. If you find the orange is slightly bitter, add a small drop of honey.

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Iced Guava Black Tea

This unique combination creates a delicious strong tea with a gentle fruit flavour. Black tea is stronger than white or green tea in taste and can have quite an earthy flavor. Combining black tea with a sublte fruit such as guava compliments the strong taste.

Iced Guava Black tea starts by making a pot of black tea and cooling this for 1-2hours or the night before use.

Once it is cooled or needed for serving, add guava juice and lemon. Depending upon your preference in taste, you may want to add maple syrup as a sweetener. 

These 5 Iced teas will certainly satisfy your taste buds whilst keeping you hydrated and cool in the summer sun. They are excellent for a relaxing day in the garden, or make the perfect drink to serve at a BBQ or picnic with friends and family.

All of these Iced teas are made in the same way:

  1. Make your tea with boiling water and using leaves or tea bags
  2. Cool your tea fully, preferably overnight if possible
  3. Add your additional flavors. If using fruit, make sure to use fresh fruit. Blend and sieve this fruit before adding to your tea
  4. Garnish for an impressive finish with herbs such as mint leaves or slices of fresh fruit.
  5. Enjoy your summer iced tea and relax.

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2 Glasses of iced tea with mint leaves