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What is a Tea Pet

What Is A Tea Pet?

What Is A Tea Pet? If you have taken part in a traditional tea ceremony in East Asia, especially China, you might have spotted a little clay figure sitting by the main pot on your tea table, on top of the teapot, or even in a small clay container of its own. But really what …

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Best Glass Teapots

Best Glass Teapots

Best Glass Teapots Picture this, you have guests coming over. Guests you want to make a good impression on. Maybe it is your disapproving father-in-law. Or perhaps a long-lost sibling. Regardless of who it is, all you know is that they love tea. But, how can you impress them? Teabags from the store in an …

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What Is A Tea Cozy

Tea is one of the most popular hot beverages that are consumed in the world. There are many types of tea out there you can try. However, if you are an avid tea drinker then at some point you must have heard of a tea cozy. Like a teapot, a tea cozy is an important …

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Best Matcha Whisk

Best Matcha Whisk

Best Matcha Whisk Matcha tea is one of the most unique tea experiences that you can have. Traditionally found in East Asia, this bright green tea differs from other teas due to its complexity and preparation time. The Japanese tea ceremony or chadō/sadō (which means ‘The Way of Tea’) dates back to the 9th century …

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Sips By Review

Sips By Review Enjoy trying new teas based on your preferences showing up at your doorstep once a month for a low cost, including either bagged or loose leaf teas. This Sips By Review will help you decide if you want to take the plunge and sign up. This brand makes discovering tea fun, personalized, …

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