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Pu-erh Tea Benefits

There are many Pu-erh Tea Benefits with drinking this fermented ancient Chinese Tea. It may just become your new favorite sipping tea.

Have you ever heard of Pu-erh tea before? If so, have you tried it? If you haven’t heard of it before you are probably wondering what it is. Pu-erh tea is a type of tea that has been fermented and is then sun-dried and aged in a high humidity environment in a process called post-fermentation. Much like a finely aged wine the quality of the tea improves over time, and often the older it is the more expensive and sought out it is. 

Chinese Teapot with Puerh Tea Bricks and Loose Leaf Tea

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How is it Sold?

Pu-erh tea is typically sold in cake or brick form, but some vendors will also sell it in loose-leaf form. These cakes or bricks of Pu -erh tea are in a constant state of change, so no two brews will ever taste the same. Speaking of brews, Pu-erh tea can be made from the same leaves two to three different times. So why would anyone want to drink fermented tea? Because of the taste, and amazing health benefits of course. 

There are many health benefits to drinking Pu-erh tea, and it has been popular in China since the Ming Dynasty in 1368 A.D. So let’s talk about how drinking Pu-erh tea can help benefit your health. 

Lower Cholesterol

One of the health benefits of drinking Pu-erh tea is that drinking it can help you to naturally lower your cholesterol levels. The fermentation method used develops a naturally occurring lovastatin, a chemical that is found in many cholesterol prescriptions. Pu-erh tea increases good cholesterol and decreases bad cholesterol. 

Improve Gut Health 

Fermented food and drinks contain probiotics, which are beneficial to the health of your gut biome. Drinking Pu-erh tea regularly can help to improve your digestive health and the health of your gut. Having a healthy gut benefits your body’s overall health. 

Promotes Overall Health 

Pu-erh tea promotes your overall health because it contains a healthy dose of antioxidants and has anti-inflammatory properties. Antioxidants help to fight free radicals which can cause damage and disease in the body. The anti-inflammatory properties of tea help to reduce swelling and many different types of inflammation that may be caused by disease or injury. 

Relieve Stress and Reduce Anxiety

Pu-erh tea helps to alleviate stress and reduce anxiety levels because it contains GABA or gamma-aminobutyric acid which helps to regulate the nervous system. It also helps to support your sleep cycle which naturally relieves stress and anxiety. It is also a great detox tea.

Pu-erh Tea Weight Loss

In addition to all of the other health benefits of Pu-erh tea, one of its most popular health benefits is that it can help with weight loss. In fact, some people call it China’s best-kept weight loss secret. So how does Pu-erh tea help you to lose weight

Pu-erh tea contains a chemical combination that triggers your body to secrete certain hormones which signal for the body into releasing stored fatty acids from your fat cells. Once the fat has been released from the cells your body can use it for fuel instead of storing it in your mid-section. Belly fat in the mid-section can be some of the most difficult fat to lose, even with a strict diet and exercise regime. 

The probiotics found in Pu-erh tea help to keep your blood sugar levels under control which play a key role in controlling cravings and hunger. For the weight loss benefits of Pu-erh tea to be most effective, you should drink a cup about one hour after eating. This helps to remove excess grease and fat from your stomach from the meals that you have eaten. 

Pu-erh tea helps to speed up the digestion process so food moves from the stomach to the colon more quickly which leaves less time for the body to absorb consumed fat. Some people claim that they feel hungry after drinking a cup of Pu-erh tea and this is because their stomach is emptying faster and the tea is working. If you decide to try Pu-erh tea for weight loss and you feel hungry afterward try eating a low-calorie snack like vegetable sticks or a glass of water. 

Pu-erh tea contains caffeine which can help to boost your energy levels, higher energy levels may mean that you are more active, which can also lead to an increase in weight loss. The caffeine in Pu-erh tea does not make those who are sensitive to caffeine feel jittery at all, which is why many people who are looking to lose weight but need an energy boost choose it. 

If you love tea, and you are also hoping to drop a few pounds, why not give Pu-erh tea a try? In addition to the weight loss benefits of Pu-erh tea, it also has a lot of other benefits to your overall health and a delicious taste. In China, aged Pu-erh tea is even more prized than a finely aged wine or liquor, and it is beginning to make its presence known worldwide. Do yourself and your taste buds a favor and pick some up for yourself today. Your local grocery store may not have much of a selection of Pu-erh tea but you can find lots of it available online. 

Chinese Tea Pot with Teacup and Puerh Tea

Best way to brew Pu-erh

Pu-erh tea is a type of black Chinese tea that should be steeped in either a Yixing teapot or gaiwan. Fill your choice of pot with about 1 Tbsp per 8oz water, and “awaken” the leaves by quickly rinsing them off with hot water at around 206° Fahrenheit. Immediately flush out the liquid and re-steep for another round! Pu-erh can also be brewed Gongfu style – meaning that it’s only immersed in hot water briefly before being poured into another receptacle to cool down faster than if you were using an ordinary kettle on top of the stovetop burner.

I hope you have gleaned from these Pu-erh Tea Benefits and If you love chocolate, try this Numi Chocolate Puerh Tea.

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